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• 10/12/2014


Yes, this forum is named the workshop. Here, you can ask users about any ideas about face offs? And people here can say "Hey bro I got a cool face off idea" or "Dude can you all vote my face off here?" So, let's get started
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• 10/9/2014

The Thread Of Randomness

Hey Guys!
My name is Spooky Rish, I a fellow editor and the second person to join the GunFaceOff Wiki, after Jacky. I would like to open this thread so that everyone can discuss a different topic, or just chat with friends. I had created a similar this thread on the Respawnables Wiki, and it proved to be the best place for random conversations.
Happy Respawning!
Spooky Rish
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• 10/3/2014

First Of Now!

Hey there. I just made some new improvements to the wiki.... at least.... 2 new pages (I think), one new achievement pack based on Call Of Duty and adding one wiki promotion picture. How'd ya think?
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• 10/28/2014
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• 9/21/2014


Soo what can I do here? I don't really play other shooters except Respawnables hehe.
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