"Eindringling" is an SMG from Pixel Gun 3D. It is released along with the Brave Patriot+State Defender+Old Comrade in the D-Day Update. Although it is an SMG, it acts like an assault rifle and deemed an OP weapon, it kills players only in 3 headshots. It is based on the German MP40 SMG which fires 9mm rounds.


"Eindringling" is a pretty new weapon, but now it stayed in Pixel Gun 3D for a long time as a powerful weapon. Once this weapon is released, it is the strongest primary weapon in the game. It's 40 round ammunition coupled with it's high damage and high rate of fire makes the "Eindringling" a powerful choice of weapon, even against professionals. The "Eindringling actully fires faster than the stats say. However, it has no scope and it's crosshair increases in size if fired too many times, making it inaccurate in long range. However, a good aim is the answer to this problem.


In-Game StatisticsEdit

  • Damage: 6

    "Eindringling" in Nuclear City

  • Rate Of Fire: 4
  • Capacity: 6
  • Mobility: 5
  • Cost: 125 Coins
  • Upgrade: N/A

Wiki StatisticsEdit

  • Damage: Moderate
  • Rate Of Fire: Medium
  • Ammo Count: Moderate
  • Agility: Medium
  • Accuracy: Decent

Enchancements Available To This WeaponEdit

  • Several accessories in Pixel Gun 3D can enchance this weapon's damage.

Face OffsEdit


  • Another weapon in Pixel Gun 3D named the AK-48 M3 has similar stats to this gun, however, it is "better" if looked at it's stats. But, if tested, it is weaker than the Eindringling.
  • It is somehow identical to the Red-34 (Modern Combat 5) in their gameplay, both are OP weapons, both have quick reload speed and both have a nice amount of ammo. However, Red-34's starting ammo is 30 and with the magazine upgrade, it is the same as "Eindringling" (40 ammo).
  • It is German for "Intruder".