The 40mm Thor GLP is a weapon that appears on Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour. It is released in MC4's latest update, the Meltdown update.


The 40mm Thor GLP is the last launcher available for purchase. It costs 140,000 credits. It is the second grenade launcher in MC4. Like the first grenade launcher, it is a powerful weapon. However, it has lower damage and higher mobility.


Game statisticsEdit

  • Damage: 10/10
  • Rate of fire: 1/10
  • Range: 1/10
  • Accuracy: 2/10
  • Mobility: 10/10

Wiki statisticsEdit

  • Damage: High
  • Rate of fire: Bad
  • Range: Low
  • Accuracy: Bad
  • Mobility: High


  • Red dot sight
  • 40mm Grenades
  • Sticky grenades
  • D-HEDP grenades
  • Flechette grenades

The 40mm Thor GLP in multiplayer.


  • The letters "GLP" stand for "Grenade Launcher Pistol."
  • Optics are generally useless since it is a grenade launcher.