909 or alternatively spelled Nine-Oh-Nine is a handgun from Resident Evil 6, part of the Resident Evil franchise. It is the sidearm for Jake Muller, Chris Redfield and Agent in Resident Evil 6.


The 909 covers the aspects of a basic handgun, average firepower and ammunition size, and no special featurs. However, it appears that the 909 fires in the same rate as the player pulls the trigger, making it can do a "rapid fire". It uses 9mm rounds and it is semi-automatic. It has the fastest fire rate among all the handguns in RE6. Also, it has an exceptional critical hit chance.


In-Game StatisticsEdit

  • Ammo: 9mm ammo

    Description of 909

  • Alternate Fire: None
  • Shots Per Clip: 15
  • Power: 150
  • Critical Chance: 12.5
  • Reload Speed: A
  • Firing Speed: A

Wiki StatisticsEdit

  • Damage: Decent

    Jake reloading the 909

  • Rate Of Fire: High
  • Ammo Count: Decent
  • Agility: High
  • Accuracy: Good

Enchancements Available To This WeaponEdit

  • Nothing can be used to enchance this weapon, however, some skills in Resident Evil 6 can make the 909 deals extra damage to specific creatures or deals an additional damage towards every creature in RE6.


  • Although it is deemed an average weapon, if the in-game stats' power is compared to some other guns in the game, the 909 itself can defeat The Ripper (Call Of Duty Ghosts), which is an SMG-Assault Rifle hybrid, and even is equal to The Hooligan (Blitz Brigade)'s non-premium version (both 909 and the Hooligan in their game stats have the power of 150)