Ammo Box 50 is a Machine Pistol or SMG featured in Resident Evil 6. It is the starting weapon for Ada Wong and seen commonly among the J'avos. It is a pretty weak weapon, but it compensates for it's incredible fire rate.


The Ammo Box 50 has an unusually high amount of bullets and fast firing speed. However, it deals little damage and usually, to kill one enemy, it requires a full-one-magazine to kill the enemy. Also, another bad side of this weapon is the horribly low critical chance. Since it use 9mm rounds, it is stackable to 150 rounds, which is going to be an effective choice against the enemies.


In-Game StatisticsEdit

  • Ammo: 9mm Ammo
    100px-Ammo Box 50

    Ammo Box 50 description

  • Alternate Fire: None
  • Shots Per Clip: 50
  • Power: 90
  • Critical Chance: 5
  • Reload Speed: B
  • Firing Speed: S

Wiki StatisticsEdit

  • Damage: Low
  • Rate Of Fire: Very High
  • Ammo Count: Moderate

    A J'avo holding the Ammo Box 50

  • Agility: High
  • Accuracy: Decent


  • It can be enchanced with the skills, enabling this gun to deal extra damage to specific creatures or deal extra damage to all creatures.


  • It resembles the real life Uzi