The BR85HB SR Battle Rifle also simply known as the Battle Rifle, is a medium range, 3-shot-burst rifle in the Halo series. It is used by the SPARTANs and other combat units.

The Battle Rifle.

Overview Edit

The Battle Rifle is a well-known weapon in the Halo series. It is used by many players online. The reason for this is that it's easy to use, has a good damage output, and is usable in almost every situation. This led to players loving it, and it is still as good today. As aforementioned, it is a medium range, 3-shot burst rifle. It takes four bursts to kill an average SPARTAN, three to take out the energy shields, and one last shot to the head. While you may think this is alot, the RoF (Rate Of Fire) makes up for it. It can get out bursts quickly. It is overall a balanced weapon, and it is used by many around the world.


Game StatisticsEdit

  • Damage: Medium-High
  • Ammo: Average
  • Reload: Good
  • Agility: Good
  • Rate Of Fire: Average
  • Accuracy: Great

Wiki StatisticsEdit

  • Damage: Medium
  • Ammo: Average
  • Reload: Good
  • Agility: Average
  • Rate Of Fire: Average
  • Accuracy: Great

Enhancements Available To This Weapon Edit

No Enhancements Are Available To This Weapon, Excluding The Damage Boost.


  • It has many unlockable skin variants you can purchase.

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