Blunderbuss is a weapon from The Respawnables. It is a mix between a shotgun and a handgun due to the fact it is handheld and it has a spread of a shotgun. Blunderbuss is probably one of the most iconic Respawnables weapon.


The Blunderbuss is a weapon in The Respawnables that is unlocked at level 9. Although it is pretty cheap, for 85 Gold, this weapon can take down other weapons in Respawnables in close range. It is even considered that the Blunderbuss was once one of the the most powerful weapons before the Summer Camp update. The new Close Quarters Pants weakened the Blunderbuss's damage to a person that was wearing it by 60%. The Blunderbuss is the most used weapon in The Respawnables's Multiplayer Mode due to it's low cost and high power before the Summer Camp update.


In-Game StatisticsEdit

  • Damage : 3

    The new Blunderbuss skin.

  • Range : 1
  • Accuracy : 2
  • Agility : 4

Wiki StatisticsEdit

  • Damage : Moderate
  • Rate Of Fire : High
  • Ammo Count : Horrible
  • Agility : Very Fast
  • Accuracy : Low

Enchancements Available To This WeaponEdit

  • Nothing can be attached to the Blunderbuss to enhance it. But some clothing can maximize the Blunderbuss' performance in accuracy.

Face Off HistoryEdit

None. Face Offs will be added as soon as the wiki is more active.


  • This is the first hybrid weapon to be featured in this wiki, also the first shotgun and handgun.