Special Guns refers to unique guns in this wiki that fires not just a bullet but special type of projectile such as flames, electricities or even EMP and others. Special bullets such as FMJ bullets, Screecher bullets or any kinds of special bullets that can be equipped within a weapon doesn't count. But, weapons with a "hybrid" feature goes to this category. Hybrid weapons are a certain type of weapon that is mixed with another weapon, such as the Ripper (Call Of Duty Ghosts). Special Guns also points out for weapons firing non-bullet projectile at default and that is not a gun, but acts like a gun while launches a unique projectile, such as Crossbows. Other than that, a weapon that bridges a gap between a specific type of weapon (such as the DMR of Halo 4 that bridges a gap between a battle rifle and a sniper rifle) is a special gun.

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