The Crossbow is a weapon from Dead Trigger 1 and 2. It is the first exotic wepon to be featured in the game. It is a 4 round burst weapon that can kill zombies in a mere 5 seconds. The Scorpion EVO also works like the Crossbow.

Overview Edit

The Crossbow is a weapon that is unlocked in Dead Trigger 2 by collecting 4 pieces of its blueprint. It's blueprint can be found when the tech level is still level 2. It is an impressive weapon, yet it is inaccurate and can waste ammo quickly. However, it can force a Panzer to expose it's weak spot due to it's burst of high damage.

Statistics Edit

Game statistics Edit

  • Damage: 96
    200px-CROSSBOW Iron Sights DT2

    Iron Sights of the Crossbow.

  • Rate of fire: 4/5
  • Range: 4/5
  • Accuracy: 1/2
  • Mobility: 7/10

Wiki Statistics Edit

  • Damage: Excellent
  • Rate of fire: Poor
  • Range: Moderate
  • Accuracy: Good
  • Mobility: Very Good

Enhancements to this weapon Edit

  • The Crossbow can be upgraded until Mark 10, which can increase the Crossbow's damage drastically.


  • This is the first Crossbow to be featured here.
  • In Dead Trigger 1, it had the capability to do an instant carnage kill on a zombie.
  • It has an odd reload, as it has a "cylinder" of bolts loaded into the bottom of the weapon.