The Flak Cannon is a weapon in Six-Guns.


A player holding the Flak Cannon


The Flak Cannon in shop


The Flak Cannon is a heavy weapon that costs 150,000 coins. Like all heavy weapons, It will plant you in one spot while firing. It is best used for defense.


The Flak Cannon can be upgraded to improve it's damage, ammo, reload, and fire rate. It can also be used with the Berserker elixr for maximum damage.


Game StatisticsEdit

  • Damage: 9/10
  • Rate of fire: 6/10
  • Range: 5/10
  • Capacity: 3/10
  • Mobility: 4/10

Wiki StatisticsEdit

  • Damage: Very high
  • Rate of fire: Good
  • Range: Good
  • Capacity: Low
  • Mobility: Medium


  • It is a very popular weapon used by many high level players in Six-Guns.

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