The Flare Gun is a weapon from Respawnables. It is from the Winter Wonderland update and is one of the most powerful weapon in the whole game.


The Flare Gun.

Overview Edit

It can only bought using In - App Purchases and can only be bought along with the Santa Set in a bundle. It has one bullet (Flare) in a clip and boasts high agility and range. It also has excellent accuracy. It is by some considered OP (Over - Powered).

Statistics Edit

Game Statistics Edit

  • Damage : Very Good (3 bars)
  • Range : Good (2 bars)
  • Accuracy : Excellent (4 bars)
  • Agility : Excellent (4 bars)

Wiki Statistics Edit

  • Damage : Excellent
  • Rate Of Fire : Very Good
  • Ammo Count : Bad
  • Agility : Excellent
  • Accuracy : Very Good

Trivia Edit

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