The Goo Blaster is the primary weapon of the Scientist on the Zombies' side in the game Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare.

Overview Edit

The Goo Blaster is a semi-automatic that can only be used by the Scientist. There are many variations of the weapon eg. Chemical Breaker, Dolphin Blaster. It allows the player to move at high speed.and it has poor fire rate and a small clip, but is extremely powerful at close-range. Therefore, the weapon is designed for close-quarter combat. He DEALS TOO MUCH DAMAGE. Hi thier bubs, you guys are noobs, while I have the best rank plate and i'm a master. You guys are only specialists.

Statistics Edit

In-Game Statistics Edit

  • Ammo: Purple Goo #2
  • Reload: Fast
  • Damage: Spray Impact Damage
  • Usage: Short/Mid Range