The Hellraiser is a weapon in Red Crucible Firestorm. It was introduced during the time Red Crucible 2 was active, on September 2014, along with the Talon sniper rifle.


Due to it's ability to rip through enemies withe ease, many classify this as an overpowered weapon, having the run speed of an assault rifle, plus a 75 round magazine. However, the rate of fire can quickly deplete the two 75 round magazines you are supplied with, meaning that having a reliable secondary is a good choice.

Damage: 80

Range: 275m

Capacity: 50 rounds (Hellraiser B) 75 rounds (Hellraiser S and Hellraiser G)

Magnification: 1.2x (Hellraiser B) 2.4x (Hellraiser S and Hellraiser G)

Run speed: 75%

ADS in/out time: 1.55s

Reload times: 6.55s approx.

Availiability: 300 coins/30,000 honors (Hellraiser B) 650 coins/65,000 honors(Hellraiser S) 1,000 coins/100,000 honors (Hellraiser G)


  • The Hellraiser B and the Hellraiser S are both based on the M60E6, but the Hellraiser G is based on the M60E3. this is mosty likely due to the fact that gold ranked weapons are classified as the most superior weapons, and it would only make sense if the Hellraiser G had a grip, as with all the gold ranked assault rifle and SMGs.