Well, this wiki is about gun battles (Face Offs). So, here are the things you need to know to make a gun page.

Gun Page DefinitionEdit

Here, gun page means a page for the guns that are going to face offs other guns here. First of all, the guns must be fictional, which means it must be from movies, fictional books, video games, etc. However, guns that appeared in a fictional movie or fictional game that appears in real life (such as the Dirty Harry Revolver from the Dirty Harry movie and the StG-44 that appeared in Call Of Duty) can be still added here.

If the gun used in a face off doesn't have a page in this wiki, it's OK. The gun page can still be made after the face off is done.

Gun Page FormatEdit

Actually, any user can make the gun page with their own formats. But it must cover these aspects :

  • Information of the gun
  • Some statistics of a gun*
  • Overview of the gun
  • Face Off History
  • Trivia**
  • Enchancements Available To The Gun***
  • If the gun doesn't have any known statistics, just use the Wiki Statistics.
    • It is urged that the gun's trivia must be added. However, if the gun doesn't have any known trivia, it's OK not to write the trivia.
      • If the gun doesn't have any known enchancements, just put "N/A" to it. However, if there are guns that are enchanced by specific clothings, write down "There is nothing that can be attached to the gun to enchance it. However, specific clothings (or other things) in (write game name) can enchance the gun."

Movie GunsEdit

Some movie guns doesn't have any clear statistics at all. However, if the gun has actually appeared in it's movie-based game (such as the M4A1 Pulse Rifle that appeared in the Alien movies and appeared in it's game), it is urged that the user must add the statistics of the weapon based on the game appearence. However, if the movie gun doesn't even have a game based on it, just put the Wiki Statistics.

Wiki StatisticsEdit

Here, to make all guns can be compared to each other, Wiki Statistics must be added. Wiki Statistics are :

  • Damage (How much the damage the gun deals)
  • Rate Of Fire (How fast the gun fires)
  • Ammo Count (How many ammo does the gun have)
  • Agility (How mobile is the user with the gun equipped)
  • Accuracy (How accurate is the gun)

DO NOT make a gun OverPowered AKA OP. But, some guns ARE overpowered, such as the Red-34 from Modern Combat 5 and the Eindringling from Pixel Gun 3D.

Example Of A FormatEdit