The Quad Rocket

The Quad Rocket is a weapon from the gam Titanfall. It is used only by the Titans. It can be used by all types of Titans. It shoots 4 projectiles (missiles) in the pointed direction.

Overview Edit


The view of a pilot inside a titan using the QUAD ROCKET

The Quad Rocket is a weapon that fires a tight-knit cluster of 4 rockets at the target, exploding upon impact. The rockets get farther apart the farther they go. The gun is effective against enemy Titans and small clusters of enemy grunts and spectres.

It is also a very popular weapon in Titanfall. There are many versions of this in the game, such as 'The Amped Quad Rocket' etc.

Statistics Edit

In-Game Statistics Edit


The Quad Rocket In - Game - Stats Screen

  • Damage : Medium/High
  • Accuracy : Medium/Low
  • Range : Medium/High
  • Agility : Medium

Wiki Statistics Edit

  • Damage : Medium
  • Rate Of Fire : 60 RPM (Decent)

The Burn Card for the Quad Rocket

  • Ammo Count : Small
  • Agility : High
  • Accuracy : Medium

Enhancements Available To This Weapon Edit

  • You can upgrade the Quad Rocket to improve its Damage. You can also use an 'Amped' version of the Quad Rocket by using a Burn Card. But this will only last for one life (one respawn)
  • Also, the weapon can be modded, so it can get an extended magazine and rapid fire feature.

Face Offs Edit

None. Face offs will be added as soon as the wiki gets more active.

Trivia Edit

  • This weapon can only be used by a Titan.
  • You can also obtain and 'Amped' version of this weapon using a Burn Card.
  • This weapon is a very popular weapon in Titanfall.
  • This is the first Titanfall weapon in the wiki, also the first large weapon.

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