Ray gunners
Ray guneinr

The Ray Gun is a weapon from the Call Of Duty series. It is the most iconic weapon in Call Of Duty games featuring zombies. It has 2 versions, the first is the Mark 1, which resembles a handgun, and the Mark 2 that resembles a shotgun. There is also another variant, called Porter's X2 Ray Gun, which is stronger than the normal variable of the Ray Gun.


The Ray Gun is a powerful and iconic weapon of Call Of Duty. The Ray Gun is known for its great firepower. It can be upgraded. In Call Of Duty: World At War, it is available in all Zombies map. It also appeared in the later COD games such as Black Ops, Online, and others. Even, the Ray Gun has been referenced in other games, such as in Pixel Gun 3D where the Alien Gun actually resembles the Ray Gun.

Statistics Edit

Game Statistics Edit

  • Damage: 1000
  • Rate of fire: 181 RPM

    A variable of the Ray Gun

  • Range: Unlimited
  • Fire Mode: Automatic (Consoles), Semi Auto (iPhone)
  • Recoil: Low
  • Penetration: Small

Wiki Stats Edit

  • Damage: Excellent

    The Ray Gun

  • Rate of Fire: Poor
  • Range: Unlimited
  • Accuracy: Very Poor
  • Mobility: Moderate


  • Nothing can be used to enchance this weapon.

    Gameplay of the Ray Gun

    However, Porter's X2 Ray Gun and the Ray Gun Mark 2 may act as the Ray Gun's upgrade.


  • This is a very well known weapon in the Call Of Duty series.
    150px-Porter's X2 Ray Gun BO

    Porter's X2 Ray Gun

  • It is only available in Zombies mode as of now.

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