The Rocket Launcher is a weapon from Dead Trigger 2. It used to be called Flash before the new update. It is a formidable, yet slow weapon. However, it's deadliness comes from the 4 deadly rockets.


The Rocket Launcher can be bought for 350K coins. The blueprints of this weapon are revealed in Tech Level 4. It can be easily gained by buying a specific bundle that grants this weapon along with the Type 92 and the Chainsaw. The explosion is really big, but it has the least ammunition in the whole game. This gun is very similar to the Missile Launcher from Respawnables, another weapon based off the FLASH.

Statistics Edit

Game Statistics Edit

  • Damage: 960 (on purchase)

    The Rocket Launcher mows down zombies.

  • Rate of fire: 1/16
  • Range: 1/2
  • Accuracy: 5/11
  • Mobility: 1/12

Wiki statistics Edit

  • Damage: Very High
  • Rate of fire: Very low
  • Ammo Count: Horrible
  • Accuracy: Moderate
  • Mobility: Very low

Enchancements Available To This WeaponEdit

  • The Rocket Launcher can be upgraded until Mark 9 to increase it's firepower.


  • If unpgraded, the Rocket Launcher cannot kill some high level zombies in one shot. But, if upgraded, it's comparable to the Noisy Cricket.