The SCAR is an assault rifle in Red Crucible Firestorm. Like other weapons, it was in the prequeal game, Red Crucible 2.


Compared to most other weaponsin it's class chambered for the 5.56 caliber, this is probably the most effective assault rifle overall. It can perform 2 hit kills out to a remarkable distance. Like most weapons in the game, a headshot will instantly kill someone.

Damage: 82-49 (Tier 12)

Range: 472m

Capacity: 30/60 (90 total)

Magnification: 4x

Mobility: 95%

ADS in/out time: 1.22s

Reload time: 2.99s

Availability: PMC Silver bundle (3,000 coins + Tomahawk) & PMC Gold bundle (5,000 coins + Desert Eagle & Tomahawk)


There are no attachments for the SCAR, but boosters will help increase the SCAR's already high damage.


  • The SCAR is based on the 3rd Gen. SCAR-L assault rifle. However, the game doesn't specify the model.