"This assault Rifle is used by the Swiss Army and exported around the world. Forces in Brazil, India, and even Vatican City uses variants of the STG-90, despite the fact that it come with neither a corkscrew nor a nail clipper"


STG-90 is an Assault Rifle in Far Cry 3. It have a high rate of fire. It's not a weapon to use for hit and run since it's weight is quite heavy. There are two attachment for this weapon. Adding the 'Red Dot Sight' will increase the accuracy and mobility.


In-Game StatisticsEdit


Basic Stats


With Red Dot Sight

Wiki StatisticsEdit

  • Damage: Moderate
  • Rate of Fire: High
  • Ammo Count: 30/magazine
  • Agility: Low
  • Accuracy: Moderate


There are two attachment for this weapon. You can only use it one at a time.

Extended MagazineEdit

A high-capacity magazine that increase the amount of ammunition a weapon holds. You can buy this for $250.

Red Dot SightEdit

The sight is designed for rapid target acquisition and improved accuracy. This attachment increase both your accuracy and mobility. You can buy it for $300.

Paint JobsEdit

There are six paint jobs that can be added to this weapon with the price $200.

  • Dry Lands
  • Jungle
  • Deep Jungle
  • Black
  • Red
  • Hazard

Face Off HistoryEdit