StG-44 is a weapon from the famous franchise Call Of Duty. StG-44 has appeared in nearly all Call Of Duty games set in World War II era. It is a pretty unique weapon due to the fact although it is an assault rifle, it is also as effective as an SMG.


The StG-44 is by far probably the most popular gun in Call Of Duty. It retains all it's gameplay from the first installment of Call Of Duty until now. The StG-44 has always been hooked with it's low recoil and great damage along with it's nice fire rate. There is a downside of the StG-44 however, it's ammo is very scarce.


In-Game StatisticsEdit

Note : The stats taken for this is the stats from Call Of Duty 1.

  • Damage : 100 (SP)/68 (MP)
  • Magazine Size : 30 rounds
    94px-MP44 Iron Sights CoD

    StG-44's iron sights.

  • Maximum Ammunition : 240 rounds
  • Reload time : 2.4 seconds
  • Rate Of Fire : 540 RPM
  • Recoil : Low
  • Fire Mode : Automatic

Wiki StatisticsEdit

  • Damage : Moderate
  • Rate Of Fire : High
  • Ammo Count : Medium
  • Agility : Decent
  • Accuracy : Medium

Enchancements Available To This WeaponEdit

  • Flash Hider
  • Aperture Sight
  • Telescopic Sight

Face Off HistoryEdit

Currently none. Face Offs will be added as soon as possible when the wiki gets more active.


  • This is the first Assault Rifle added in this wiki.
  • The StG-44 is probably the oldest Call Of Duty weapon.
  • It is also known as MP44.