The Talon is a sniper rifle in the game Red Crucible Firestorm. It was released alongside the Hellraiser light machine gun. It is based on the Steyr HS .50 anti-material rifle manufactured by Steyr Mannilicher G.mbH.


Damage: One shot kill to head, neck, upper arms, chest, and upper stomach.

Range: 500m

Rate of fire: 33 RPM

Capacity: 6/6

Mobility: Low

Magnification: 10x

Attachments: Sniper Scope

Caliber: .50 BMG/12.7x99mm NATO


  • Previously in Red Crucible 2, the Talon dealt 60 damage to all armored vehicles, highest of all small firearms. However, after the balancing patch this ability was removed and the Talon's performance deteriorated.