The Hooligan is a weapon from Blitz Brigade. It is a weapon for both the Soldier and Heavy class in Blitz Brigade. It resembles a part of a machine gun with it's 6 barrels but also with it's stock and a clip instead of a belt. It can also be called a minigun.


The Hooligan is currently the most devastating machine gun in Blitz Brigade. It's high ammo capacity makes up for it's power, which is a little bit weaker than some other weapons. However, The Hooligan can be upgraded so it's stats can get an increase. Another weakness of this weapon is that it has a not really good range. Neverthless, The Hooligan is a perfect weapon to mow down anyone in a mere 5 seconds.


In-Game StatisticsEdit

Note: The In-Game Statistics used is for the default Hooligan.

  • Damage: 150
  • Rate Of Fire: 750 RPM
  • Critical Chance: 8%
  • Ammo: 75 x 5
  • Range: 150 meters
  • Special: N/A

Wiki StatisticsEdit

  • Damage: Moderate
  • Rate Of Fire: Insane
  • Ammo Count: Moderate
  • Agility: Decent
  • Accuracy: Decent

Enchancements Available To This WeaponEdit

  • The Hooligan can be upgraded to premium version, increasing all its stats.

Face Off HistoryEdit

None added. Face Offs will be added as soon as the wiki starts to get more active.


  • This is the first machine gun and the first Blitz Brigade weapon featured here.
  • This is based on the Minigun.