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    Welcome to the first Face Off on this wiki! Now, because this is the first face off, this is going to be exciting and detailed due to the fact this wiki's still young. Although the email states the wiki is "Heating Up". Well, here we go!

    2 OverPowered Weapons (OP)

    2 Maniacs Of Their Game

    2 Destroyers

    2 Assaulters

    But which will win?

    Will it be...

    • Red-34: The gun from Modern Combat 5 that is deemed so OverPowered that Gameloft nerfed it but still remains as the king of the assault rifles in MC5


    • Eindringling: The gun that is introduced a long time ago in Pixel Gun 3D, that when it is available, it shook the whole multiplayer servers of Pixel Gun 3D!


    The Red-34 is an assault rifle from Modern Combat 5. Since it's release in the g…

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