The Volkhov-12 is a weapon in Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour. It is an automatic shotgun, and the last shotgun to be unlocked in MC4.


The Volkhov-12 is a shotgun. Like all shotguns, it is best used in Close Quarters. It costs 70,000 credits. Although it is the weakest shotgun in terms of damage, it is actually a perfect choice for CQC battles.


  • Red dot sight
  • Holographic sight
  • High MOA RDS
  • Ergonomic Grip
  • TAC2 Grip
  • Vertical Grip
  • Extended mags
  • Rhodesian Jungle rounds
  • Buckshot rounds
  • Carbon stock
  • EAS stock
  • Compact stock


Game statisticsEdit

  • Damage: 8/10
  • Rate of fire: 9/10
  • Range: 1/10
  • Accuracy: 2/10
  • Mobility: 6/10

Wiki statisticsEdit

  • Damage: High
  • Rate of fire: Very high
  • Range: Bad
  • Accuracy: Low
  • Mobility: High

The Volkhov-12 in multiplayer.


  • It was originally named 'Taiga-12' before the game was released.
  • The Sering 9 from Modern Combat 5 works similar to the Volkhov.