The Z-1 Assault Blaster is the primary weapon for the zombies side character, The Foot Soldier. It is from the video game, Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare.

Overview Edit

It is a fully automatic weapon, and can only be used by the Foot Soldier class. There are many variables of this weapon such as the Frozen Z-1 Assault Blaster, the Golden Gatling And the Camo Shot. This gun is one of the most popular weapons in the multi player as it is easy to use, has very good damage and is fast. It can be used for long range (the Camo Shot) and for close range (the Frozen Z-1 Assault Blaster).


Statistics Edit

In - Game Statistics Edit

  • N/A

Wiki Statistics Edit

  • Agility : Fast
  • Damage : Moderate/High
  • Rate Of Fire : High
  • Ammo Count : Moderate / High

= Enhancements Available To This Weapon Edit

  • rapid reloader:speeds up reloading
  • Ammo thing-a-ma-bob:extra ammo
  • Harder zomboss ammo:added damage

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first Plants Vs Zombies - Zombies Side weapon to be added to this wiki.