iThe Z-390 High-Explosive Munitions Rifle is a weapon from the game Halo 4 from the Halo Series. It is more commonly known as The Incineration Cannon.
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Overview Edit

The Incineration Cannon is is a usable Promethean Forerunner Weapon from Halo 4. It fires five streams of explosive particles in a tight spread which release in four different directions upon detonation. The explosive particles then detonate again individually, increasing the effective radius of the initial explosion. It is useful for taking out multiple targets at once since there are explosive particles when shot. It is arguably the strongest hand held weapon in Halo.

Statistics Edit

Game Statistics Edit

  • Magazine Size : 1 hard light rocket
  • Ammunition Type : Ionized Particles
  • Accuracy : Medium
  • Rate Of Fire : Very low
  • Range : Close/Medium

Wiki Statistics Edit

  • Damage : Extremely High
  • Rate Of Fire : Very Low
  • Ammo Count : Very Low
  • Agility : Medium
  • Incineration Cannon wiki
    Accuracy : Medium

Enhancements Available To This Weapon Edit

  • No Enhancements Are Available For This Weapon, Excluding the Damage Boost.

Trivia Edit

  • The only AI enemies in Halo 4 that wield this weapon are the Promethean Knight Commanders.
  • When you kill an enemy, they incinerate and disappear, this giving the weapon it's name.